Eyeliners Lined Up

Black Eyeliner By Terry Surratt Beauty Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner KIKO

As any Indian girl worth her masala* will tell you, she’s grown up using black eyeliner. Hell, most of us had kajal lining our eyes from the ages of approximately zero to ward off the evil spirits. The doe-eyed and feline flick is a look we grew up with, watching our favourite Bollywood actresses lip-syncing their way through their inimitable films, and it’s probably the very first thing we…

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Budget Buy: Not All Cotton Wool Pads Are Created Equal…

Budget Buy: Not All Cotton Wool Pads Are Created Equal…

Demakup Cotton Woold Pads Farmaline

This might seem like an odd one, but hear me out. While I love a soft, super smooth cotton wool pad for my face, that same softness and smoothness can be the bane of my life when removing nail varnish. There’s no traction, nothing to “grab” onto the polish and don’t even get me started on using it for glitter nail varnish.

DeMakUp Cotton Wool Pads Farmaline

So I’m totally and utterly in love with the DeMak’Up Cotton Wool Padstha…

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Currently Obsessed #4: The Instant Overnight Facial in a Bottle

Currently Obsessed #4: The Instant Overnight Facial in a Bottle

Alpha H Instant Facial Skincare

A cursory scroll though these pages will reveal that I’m more than a little obsessed with skincare, so it’s no great surprise that a skincare product makes it onto my C.O. list within the first few weeks. What is slightly alarming, however, is exactly how obsessed I am with this wonder product from Alpha-H. How obsessed? Let me fill you in.

I’ve just got back from a two week holiday for which I…

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Summer Glosses from Kiko and PurMinerals

Summer Glosses from Kiko and PurMinerals

Kiko Purminerals Summer Lipglosses

There’s nothing I like more than a summer lip colour – glossy, lush and lipsmackingly kissable. These three glosses from two of my favourite brands have just the right amount of pigment, moisture and shine to have earned their place in my summer makeup bag.

Kiko Purminerals Summer Lipglosses Swatch

My favourite look is a slightly transparent, yet pigmented lip gloss – call it the stained glass lip look. Kiko’s 3D Instant  Volume Glosses

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